Ceramic fiber boards | Aluminum silicate wool boards

Show high temperature resistance in continuous use at temperatures up to 1400°C.

Ceramic fiber board | aluminum silicate wool board is a special high temperature insulation board, heat resistant up to 1260°C/ 2300°F or with addition of zircon up to 1400°C / 2552 °F, in various densities. The board is made of special ceramic fiber blends and is a vacuum-formed product characterized by lightness combined with hardness and excellent strength. It does not retain heat and has low thermal conductivity at high temperatures. It is very easy to cut, shape and shear, which makes the construction and installation very fast and easy.

up to 1400 °C
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    Temperature resistance

    High temperature resistance with application temperatures up to 1400°C.

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    Thermal conductivity

    Low thermal conductivity, non-flammable and highly shock resistant.

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    Dimensional stability

    Good dimensional stability and flexibility.

    Ceramic Fiber Boards | Aluminum Silicate Wool Boards are particularly suitable for lining furnaces in the glass and ceramics industries - resistant to high velocity gas flows - for complete protection of forges, for lining boilers and chimneys.

    Also recommended for specific applications, such as: burner door insulation, side walls and baffles or combustion chamber cover plates, furnace linings, burner flange gaskets, weld seam protection plates, insulation plates for fireplaces, tiled stoves, oil boilers, gas boilers, radiant heaters.

    • KS-ASW/RCF-1250 (Fiberfrax S® or Ceraboard 100®)
    • KS-ASW/RCF-1400 (Fiberfrax Z® or Ceraboard 115®)
    • KS-ASW/RCF-1600 (Saffil®)

    Special qualities available on request!

    Note: For information on precautions for handling and use of ceramic fibers as well as health risks, please refer to our EC Safety Data Sheet.


    • Excellent insulation properties
    • High temperature resistance
    • High compressive strength
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Highly shock resistant
    • Non-combustible
    • High mechanical stability
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Low sound transmission
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Easy to machine and cut


    • Refractory lining of industrial furnaces
    • Coating of the hot side of ceramic furnaces
    • Coating of mechanical and metallurgical heating furnaces
    • Thermal insulation of the back wall of industrial furnaces
    • Thermal insulation for heat treatment furnaces
    • Fire protection and high temperature muffle
    • Barrier against flames and heat
    • Combustion chambers, boilers and furnaces
    • Heat resistance for fireplaces
    • Support insulation for monolithic refractory materials
    • Thermal insulation for glass furnaces
    • Coatings for reduction cells in aluminum factories
    • Wall and back wall linings for petrochemical and metallurgical industries

    Delivery note: Ceramic Fiber Panels | Aluminum Silicate Wool Panels can be delivered as sheet goods loose on pallet or packed in cartons, but of course cut-to-size according to your desired shape is also possible.

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    As part of the SENN Group, we have access to a broad network of specialized companies and their associated experience and products, enabling us to meet every requirement!


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