Cerachem™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats

Cerachem™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats

Cerachem™ has excellent chemical stability and is made from spun fibres called Cerachem™ ceramic fibres. The blankets have excellent dimensional stability before and after temperature application.

1425°C Classification Temp.
Ceramic fiber | Aluminum silicate wool
Mat (blanket)
Thickness (mm)
6mm | 10 mm | 13mm | 19mm | 25mm | 38mm | 50mm
Density / volume weight (kg / m³)
64 kg / m³ | 96 kg / m³ | 128 kg / m³ | 160 kg / m³

Refractory Refractory

Subcategory: Fiber blankets

Tags: Mat (blanket)


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    Excellent handling / processing strength.

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    Heat resistance

    Resistance to temperature changes & resistance to chemicals.

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    Thermal counductivity

    Low thermal conductivity & heat storage.


    Mats (blankets) made of high temperature wool are needled lightweight mats made of ceramic (ASW/RCF) high temperature wool (HTW) and provide an effective solution for a wide range of thermal insulation applications. They are characterized by excellent insulating properties, high resistance to chemicals, elasticity and dimensional stability. They are exclusively inorganic and therefore do not generate smoke or fumes when exposed to heat. They are available in a wide range of densities and thickness combinations, making them one of the most versatile product groups on the market.


    High temperature wool made of ceramic fibersalso known as ASW (Aluminum Silicate Wool) or RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fibre), have been used for years as the standard fibre type for insulation solutions up to 1425 °C.

    Morgan Thermal Ceramics

    Morgan's development of low biopersistence fibers has led to a revolution in the use of fibers for high temperature insulation applications over the last 20 years. Our patented Superwool products, manufactured using ISO 9002 certified processes, are made from alkaline earth silicate (AES) composition fibers uniquely engineered to provide benefits in high temperature insulation applications.

    Cerablanket™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats

    Product Variations

    Cerablanket™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats

    Roll goods

    Fiber mats are sold as roll goods as standard. The roll length depends on the selected thickness. As a standard width, we have 610mm wide rolls from stock. Double widths are available on request.

    Cerablanket™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats


    We manufacture molded parts according to your specifications. The roll goods are shaped via:

    • Water jets
    • Punching
    • Plotting
    Cerablanket™ | Ceramic Fibre Mats

    Fiber modules

    We manufacture fiber modules according to customer specifications that are designed for the insulation requirements of industrial ovens, kilns and heating devices.



    Chemical Analysis

    Al2O3 35,0 %
    SiO2 50,0 %
    ZrO2 15,00 %
    Others Traces

    Physical Properties

    Colour White
    Classification Temperature (°C) 1425
    Operating Temperature (°C) 1315
    Specific Heat capacity (Kj/kg*K) 1,13

    linear shrinkage (% after 24h)

    1200 °C 1,0
    1300 °C 2,0
    1400°C 3,5
    Density 64 kg/m³ 96 kg/m³ 128 kg/m³ 160 kg/m³
    Thermal conductivity at
    200°C 0,07 W/m°K 0,06 W/m°K 0,06 W/m°K -
    400°C 0,12 W/m°K 0,11 W/m°K 0,10 W/m°K 0,09 W/m°K
    600°C 0,20 W/m°K 0,16 W/m°K 0,15 W/m°K 0,13 W/m°K
    800°C 0,30 W/m°K 0,23 W/m°K 0,20 W/m°K 0,18 W/m°K
    1000°C 0,43 W/m°K 0,32 W/m°K 0,27 W/m°K 0,25 W/m°K
    Tensile strength (kPa) 30 70 90 110


    Cerachem™ has excellent chemical stability and is made from spun fibres called Cerachem™ ceramic fibres. The blankets have excellent dimensional stability before and after temperature application. They have excellent thermal insulation properties as well as very good acoustic insulation properties. The wide range of densities and thicknesses available allows for tailored thermal insulation in almost any application. Cerachem™ is suitable for classification temperatures up to 1425°C.


    • Excellent thermal insulation properties
    • Resistant to most chemicals
    • Excellent thermal stability
    • Low heat storage
    • Firm and at the same time elastic mats
    • Resistance to thermal shock
    • Good sound absorption
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    Data sheet Cerablanket™ | Cerachem™

    Product properties, typical applications and availabilities.


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